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Last Will & Testament

 What to Expect when Developing your Estate Documents:

1. Please complete the following worksheet in a timely manner. You will need to have considered and identified the following:

  • your executor/executrix
  • guardian of minor children or dependent adult
  • correct spelling of all names
  • birth dates of the testator and dependents
  • contact information of executor/executrix, guardians and beneficiaries

2. Please allow up to an hour to complete the 10 steps of the MyWill comprehensive on-line wizard. You will be provided a secured link with a password to access the MyWill wizard from your CEC Coordinator. The CEC Coordinator will book an appointment with you to be on-line to assist you through the wizard process.  You will be sent a invitation from CEC to join a screen share meeting. Please visit to sign up for zoom prior to your meeting with CEC.


3. Once the MyWill wizard is complete, your Last Will and Testament is emailed to your preferred email address. When received, your Last Will and Testament needs to be printed along with any other Estate Documents you have prepared.


4. The Last Will and Testament and other Estate Documents requires two witness’ signatures NOT named in the Will. Please consider in advance who can serve as witnesses to your signature. Witness’ signatures are required to make your Last Will and Testament and Estate Documents legal. A witness does not read your documents – only witness your signature for each document.


5. Consider how to store your Estate Documents and who should be provided access to them. Included in the CEC Basic Estate Package, you have been granted 1 year of on-line secured and encrypted storage for your signed documents through our secure website.


6. On-going storage is available to you at a nominal cost, which is discussed at the 9 month CEC follow-up session.


7. If your Estate Documents require revision, you are able to revise documents for free; however, you must repeat Steps 4 and 5 each time there is a revision.


8. The security questions from Canadian Legal Wills: standard answers apply to two questions

User ID: first, last, lower

CEC Code: a66041402

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