Canadian Estate Planning – MD – Standard

Canadian Estate Planning – MD – Standard


This step by step, fully organized estate planning system comes complete with a physical binder, all the templates and resources you need to plan out your estate.

Plus, you get matched with your own personal Certified Canadian Estate Planning Coordinator who is there to help you through the process of planning this important process in your life.



The standard package includes everything from the basic package, but with more disclosures.  We will have more time for a flexible more comprehensive review of your inventory, including debt, mortgages, insurance, investments, pensions and taxes.  Together we will go through what will happen to your estate after you die and overview the landscape at death.  We will look at the timeline of events in settling your estate, money implications, and look at probate vs. assets that are not subject to probate.  In our three consultations, we will help determine how to maximize on your legacy and ensure that your estate is planned how you would attend to it.    Your account will be created at Canadian Legal Wills where you will submit the details of your will.  Included in this standard package is a subscription to Life Locker where your personal information will be stored separate from your will, to be accessed by your executor, and can contain all the details they will need to settle your affairs easily.

There are good reasons to plan your estate with our standard package.  Getting a basic will set up is important, but for most people, estate planning is more complicated than a will.  Our Estate Coordinators can help you to navigate the situation by creating a map of your estate which reflects your deepest wishes for your legacy.  Purchasing the standard package means you are willing to look at all aspects of your estate planning and can truly begin to think about how you want to leave this world.  These are difficult matters to consider, but we hope our estate planning process will take some of the difficulty out, helping you to see how your choices will impact those you leave behind.

You will have three consultations with an Estate Coordinator.  Like the basic package, we use one full consultation to create your will.  We consider his first appointment as a tour of your estate, as our coordinators review where you stand, and what to consider for your will.  In the second appointment, we form a deeper understanding of your estate disclosures and analyze where we can create efficiencies, working with other professionals to help determine options.  Based on what we see, our estate coordinators can help you to save money on taxes, probate, save time and energy for your executors, and ensure that your beneficiaries are given everything that they deserve.  In our third appointment, we create your legacy!  Given everything that your estate plan has in place, we will walk you through the events that follow your passing, with the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that your loved ones are taken care of.

The standard order is an intensive and much more comprehensive estate review.  We offer a 9-month follow-up call and a one-year membership with CLW.  You will have the option to upgrade to a life-long membership at CLW, after the first year of membership.  Remember that your will becomes a public document after you die, so having a membership with CLW, with a separate Life Locker means that important information is secure for your executor separate from your will.  Many accounts may want to be memorialized, images saved or accessed to be closed – imagine one place where your executor can find all this information.  These details will save your executor headache and stress.