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Is your estate a life's junk drawer or a well organized safety deposit box?

Michael Chapman

Michael Chapman

Calgary AB

About Michael

Michael Chapman I  Founder of the SQP Process and co-founder of Canadian Estate Coordinators. With over a quarter century of business and product development experience, Michael has consulted for major insurers, investment firms and medical facilitators to improve their modeling and efficiencies with the end consumer's needs as top of mind. 

SQP or Sequential Planning is a client focused planning process that improves our clients' everyday life. When using this simplified planning process, the client benefits from the ability to compare costs and features of available financial products and/or professional services in a comprehensive and collaborative manner.

The Sequential Planning Process (SQP) was created to facilitate a review of an individual or groups of individuals surrounding their personal cash flow management, debt management, insurance applications, investment applications, taxation and estate planning.

As professionals with over 25 years experience within the financial industry, We noticed that most advisors and platforms within the Financial Services Industry were not spending the appropriate amount of time to listen to individual concerns and financially educate their clients within their community. We have also found that many consumers have misunderstood or misused the products they have purchased in the past and require a review to reassess their present need more effectively.  

We stand to promote our clientele's better understanding of how, as consumers, they may be more effective in the use of the financial products they already possess or have awareness of new and better products to possess going forward to achieve their goals.

It's more than just a will

An estate plan goes much further than a will. Not only does it deal with the distribution of assets and legacy wishes, but it may help you and your heirs pay substantially less in taxes, fees, and court costs.

A properly planned estate will leave your family with the resources and legacy you want them to have, not the burden & stress than most non-planned estates cause.

Estate Planning

I'm Your Certified Estate Planning Coordinator

Canadian Estate Coordinators

Why Use A Canadian Estate Planning Coordinator?

Canadian Estate Planning Coordinators are specialists trained in all elements of planning estates.  More specifically, they are certified in the specific process outlined within the Canadian Estate Planning Guide.

While you're not required to use the services of a Canadian Estate Planning Coordinator, the value you receive from having a direct line of communication together will be invaluable not only in the knowledge but the accountability to complete your guide.

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