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Is your estate a life's junk drawer or a well organized safety deposit box?

Mauro Driusso

Mauro Driusso

Calgary AB

About Mauro

I am a result-driven sales professional with comprehensive experience in areas of lead generation, solutions development, and portfolio management. I am well versed in providing cross-functional leadership and overseeing associated functions to include account management, sales and portfolio development, regulatory compliance, data analysis, team building, and client relationship management. I hold demonstrated success spearheading internal initiatives focused on onboarding new clients, enhancing retention levels, and maximizing company profitability.

In addition, I am a strong communicator experienced in leading employees and managing relationships with diverse clients and stakeholders at all levels. I have also been accountable for advising customers on a range of insurance and investment management options, evaluating financial data to determine effective solutions in line with specific needs, and managing and monitoring multi-million dollar client portfolios. Further, I am a multifaceted professional capable of leveraging extensive industry experience and general management skills to drive the continued achievement of organizational objectives.

I am known as a versatile contributor with experience in all sales development and account management functions, exceptional communication and leadership skills, and a continued commitment to implementing industry best practices.

It's more than just a will

An estate plan goes much further than a will. Not only does it deal with the distribution of assets and legacy wishes, but it may help you and your heirs pay substantially less in taxes, fees, and court costs.

A properly planned estate will leave your family with the resources and legacy you want them to have, not the burden & stress than most non-planned estates cause.

Estate Planning

I'm Your Certified Estate Planning Coordinator

Canadian Estate Coordinators

Why Use A Canadian Estate Planning Coordinator?

Canadian Estate Planning Coordinators are specialists trained in all elements of planning estates.  More specifically, they are certified in the specific process outlined within the Canadian Estate Planning Guide.

While you're not required to use the services of a Canadian Estate Planning Coordinator, the value you receive from having a direct line of communication together will be invaluable not only in the knowledge but the accountability to complete your guide.

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