Disclaimers & Disclosures

General Disclosure of Information - Privacy Statement:

Clients and advisors hereby acknowledge and agree that neither Legal Wills, Plan My Estate nor Canadian Estate Coordinators are holding themselves out to be lawyers or legal counsel. 

Clients and proposed clients agree to be contacted electronically (through electronic means that may include but is not limited to email, text, phone, or video conferencing) by Plan My Estate, their representatives or the affiliates of the parties listed above.

Access to the personal information of clients and/or storage of documents and the information is bound by the terms of this Privacy Statement and those of our affiliates and service providers.  Collection and storage of personal information including surveys will be maintained for client service archival and training purposes, through our secure service providers’ Plan My Estate secure Client File.  

Plan My Estate and Canadian Estate Coordinators, and its affiliates agree all client information and material received via the LegalWills.ca website and Canadian Estate Coordinator processes will be kept in the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed to any third-party without the testator or donor’s consent. However, clients may authorize Plan My Estate and Canadian Estate Coordinators to disclose information to third-parties as Client File “Collaborators”.  

Sharing of documents is often required to assist clients with current or future matters of estate planning or important documentation regarding the life events of either the testator or donor. 

Some clients will be referred to us by a third-party after having established a customer relationship with that third-party. If a client of a third-party referral uses any of our services, access to personally identifiable information collected by LegalWills.ca, Plan My Estate and Canadian Estate Coordinators may be shared with the third-party through the client's consent.

CEC Disclosure:

The CEC Coordinators have received CEA certifications from The Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors.  The CEC services are intended to assist clients understand the differences between common Estate Documents and their uses.  

The CEA also provides a broad, practical knowledge of the 17 disciplines required to advise an executor/executrix.  This specialized knowledge empowers CEC Coordinators to inform and engage with executor/executrix, who are often the most trusted and influential people in a testator or donor’s life.  Our Coordinators understand the executor/executrix or trustees’ role as being vested with moral and legal obligations for a successful estate settlement. Professional Settlement services and alternate trustees can be introduced if/when the client wishes and when there is availability for those services in the region of the client.

The CEC Coordinators may have multiple licenses in multiple jurisdictions pertaining to other professions and/or other professional services.  A complete list of licenses held by your Coordinator is available upon request. Where any questions lead to specific recommendations of an insurance product and its nature, an introduction to a licensed insurance professional in your jurisdiction will be arranged.

Canadian Legal Wills is a separate entity from Plan My Estate and Canadian Estate Coordinators. 

Plan My Estate endeavours to help clients understand and utilize the online platform of Canadian Legal Wills to assist clients create their own Wills and other Estate Documents.  Canadian Estate Coordinators are members of the Canadian Legal Wills affiliate program and are not lawyers. Legal reviews of client documents can be requested through Canadian Legal Wills for an additional cost.

The storage of all client estate documents, their templates and additional services are contained within the Canadian Legal Wills website.  The client agrees to share access to Estate Documents with CEC Coordinators and Plan My Estate to facilitate the client and their document creation. Additional support, services, information, and membership options are available directly through the customer support portal by emailing support@legalwills.ca

Enhanced services and further inquiries about Plan My Estate or Canadian Estate Coordinators can be made by emailing info@planmyestate.ca

Legal Disclaimer:

Plan My Estate (PME) and Canadian Estate Coordinators (CEC) do not provide legal opinions or paralegal services.  PME and CEC do not provide tax opinions or advice.  Access to a legal or tax professional in your region may be arranged by CEC upon their client’s special request for an additional cost. 

PME or CEC is not responsible for legal, or accounting costs incurred by your engagement of external professional services.  Any legal or accounting costs directly billed through CEC will be fully disclosed and agreed upon with the client and CEC prior to any engagement for such external services.

By clicking the appropriate boxes on the Plan My Estate website, the New Client Disclosure form or specifically in automated correspondence from Plan My Estate. You agree to the above terms of use, disclaimers, disclosures, and privacy policy of Plan My Estate (PME) and the Canadian Estate Coordinators (CEC).