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Cathy Toupin

Cathy Toupin

Calgary AB


About Cathy

Cathy moved to Calgary from the beautiful west coast of BC in 2002.  She, and her husband Robin are parents of two adult children and grandparents to 5 beautiful grandchildren. Cathy has been an insurance and financial advisor since 2016. Wanting to expand her ability to help her clients, Cathy became a Certified Executive Advisor in 2021.  As a CEA, Cathy specializes in reviewing estate documents and helps testators understand estate fees and taxes so that their chosen executor is well prepared to do their job.  She is passionate about Estate Planning with CEC because she know that she can help families by making sure they and their Estates are properly protected.

It's more than just a will

An estate plan goes much further than a will. Not only does it deal with the distribution of assets and legacy wishes, but it may help you and your heirs pay substantially less in taxes, fees, and court costs.

A properly planned estate will leave your family with the resources and legacy you want them to have, not the burden & stress than most non-planned estates cause.

Estate Planning

I'm Your Certified Estate Planning Coordinator

Canadian Estate Coordinators

Why Use A Canadian Estate Planning Coordinator?

Canadian Estate Planning Coordinators are specialists trained in all elements of planning estates.  More specifically, they are certified in the specific process outlined within the Canadian Estate Planning Guide.

While you're not required to use the services of a Canadian Estate Planning Coordinator, the value you receive from having a direct line of communication together will be invaluable not only in the knowledge but the accountability to complete your guide.

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